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Social equity IMO barely exist and is hard to achieve in a society that is clearly not equal. Social Power on the other hand can be achieved quickly and is very practical in practice. A healthy seed supply creates a healthy food supply which in turn brings communities power int he form of health. 

Cultivation Charity is our attempt to help communities impacted by the war on drugs through community gardens, knowledge and creating a healthy seed supply. Donations start at $500 which will be tax-deductible. Soul & Wellness + JarFriends collaboration. 

Plan of Action

Cultivation Charity 

Food Focused 


 Community Members impacted by War on Drugs will be taught how to convert seeds into power. Donations Start at $500 which will sponsor 6-8 people. Each sponsorship will be tax deductible and comes with a free NFT which proves support on Blockchain. 

Exactly as it sounds. Building a foundation of healthy local foods that will come in the form of community gardens or individual home grows. Our focus is to produce as much food on vacant lots throughout Chicago. We will be using $ from Cultivation Charity to help gardens in existence and build gardens from scratch. 

With time and business growth we plan to hire JarFriends to help increase food supply through out Food Focused mission. Through our subscriptions we focus on teaching practical industry skills that will help individuals get a job in the industry. 

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