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Welcome to JarFriends, where our mantra is simple: just grow it. Our growing goals revolve around deepening your understanding of various cannabis strains, discovering your personal preferences, and the 'whys' behind them. We're here to demystify plant structures and bud formations, helping you predict and influence your plants' outcomes. And with our unique stem sniffing approach, you'll master the art of pheno hunting. Let's nurture your cannabis journey, one strain at a time.

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Seeds are the cornerstone of the flower market 🌸, with their control equating to power over the industry 🏭. As industries dictate seed availability 🌱 and plant count 📊, they shape the market's landscape, affecting diversity 🌈 and accessibility 🛍️. Protecting the rights to these seeds is key 🔑 to sustaining a free and diverse flower market. 🌼

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